This is for my folks on the job, with nothing to do but check videos on the clock. I know bloggers have probably already touched on most of these already, but who cares,

This footage is priceless.
Muddy Waters & Sonny Boy Williamson-Mojo Workin

Punk Pioneers MC5. Understand these guys were playing in the late 60s, early 70s.
MC5-Kick Out The Jams More Kick Out The Jams

Certified Roughneck
Kimbo Slice Pt. 1 Pt. 2

I didn’t quite understand the tune till I saw this. Brilliant.
Snoop Dogg-Sensual Seduction

If that didn’t make sense to you, check this:
Zapp-I Can Make You Dance

This just don’t make sense at all
Dose Vs. Math-Rap Battle Niether Does This

This movie is a bit of a wake up call. Take some time to peep it out
Zeitgeist The Movie

This video was more relevant than people knew. It still holds weight today. Remember pre 9-11?
Rage Against The Machine-Testify

Legendary Tommy McCook
Tommy McCook Interview

The Day Rock N Roll died

Old Time Killing
Ninjaman Vs. Super Cat-Sting 91

I’ll end it on this note

Jump It


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