First off I’m going to kick down a Re-Edit Imade awhile ago that you can download for FREE (320kbps)

This is just a slice of the music you can expect if you are in SD this weekend, and you join on Adams Ave.for some UPTOWN BOOGIE . Get some…

UPTOWN BOOGIE_final Me and my dude DJ Peril will be manning the music selections for our first round inside Adams Avenue’s newest Nightlife Bar The Rabbit Hole. Bring your dancing shoes and your good vibes!



10906207_668932873229875_7584758127339247851_nBig up Bob Green, Ana Brown , and La Bucky who bring you RPDB’s flagship broadcast: The Breakfast Burrito Club

10734208_568658883235672_4434331880078657421_nFROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Green, La Bucky, Ana Brown

It’s a morning show that goes down Monday thru Friday from 8-10am right here —-> RADIO PULSO DEL BARRIO LIVE



The good people at Radio Pulso Del Barrio allowed me some time to rinse some new Reggae music for their upstart Community Radio project. This originally aired Nov. 2014

CLICK HERE to download DJ Unite’s New Roots Special for free!

CLICK HERE to stream this mix via Mixcrate.

You are all invited to joins us for Bob Green’s Birthday Party this Thursday (Jan 22nd)… All this Music and Culture going down at the Legendary Casbah with all these killer groups.

Plus, if you get there early, between 9 & 10 pm, you will probably find yourself a face full of FREE CHILIAQUILES!!!


And just so you know: it’s routine that I play strictly Cumbia hitters at all Roots Factory Events.


Love Is Not A Gamble Riddim originates from the original Love Is Not A Gamble tune by The Techniques produced by Duke Reid, and released in 1967 on Reid’s Treasure Isle imprint.

Since then the riddim has been re-licked time and time again, creating different angles on the riddim, as well as different hits including Garnett Silk – Love Me Baby, Barrington Levy – My Woman, Lone Ranger – Dancehall Style, Shabba Ranks – Wicked Inna Bed, and more recently one of my favorites off of the Peckings imprint:

Flash forward to 2014. Legendary Reggae Singer Jah Cure released another re-lick of the riddim that stretches the boundaries and limits of the Riddim, almost to the point of creating a whole new Riddim. But not quite. This powerful tune is one of my favorite Reggae Culture tunes of 2014:


As a DJ, I sometimes utilize music sites like iTunes if I cannot find a higher quality version of what I’m looking for. (iTunes sells their tunes at 256kbps) To my delight when I went to check for this Jah Cure tune, low and behold they were offering an acapella. I sat on the acapella for a few days, wondering how in the world I could possibly remix this banger. It came to me in a dream:

I was dreaming I was playing a dance (because that’s what DJs dream about apparently), and I had just ran the Janet Lee Davis version of the riddim, and right after I pulled out a version of the riddim with Jah Cure’s acapella riding over the top, and was like “BOOM! That’s it!” I woke up, got out of bed and got to editing.

So if you bothered to read this far down in my rambling, I’ll reward you with a free download of the remix, in full AIFF quality. All you gotta do is CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.

Sidenote, this remix actually got reposted through Jah Cure’s social media which got me hyped because he is one of my favorite artists. Since he is one of my favorite artists, I will end this post with a couple of my favorite Jah Cure videos and tunes from past and present.

For a time our mantra was FREE JAH CURE

Big up Jah Cure every time!

2015 : Back to the Future

So peep game… I’m so futuristic, I just learned how to make PLAYLISTS on youtube. I been finding some ill Kung Fu Flicks floating around on there. Here’s one of the many playlists I put together.

The end of the year was kind of crazy. One of the three days it rained in six months
Murph Flooded

At the turn of the year one of the big club hits is I’m in Love With The Coco Fuck that shit. That’s how everything is evolving? Soon it’ll be “Legalize Yayo” rallies. Shit’s weak. I like this version better:

It really is the future though. Happy New Year to those I haven’t seen or talked to yet. Big up!


“Not the kind that can’t be solved With an / atom bomb…”

Not about to drop any Politrix right now, but Ron Paul is down for Legalization. Just something to marinate on. Check it: CLICK HERE

Cham is on a roll with the pum pum joints… The maddest part of this tune is DAVE “PENTHOUSE/MADHOUSE” KELLY produced another beast of a riddim.

My bredren Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi (SF,CA) dropped this fresh little video/mix promo for Gappy Ranks’ new EP “Cookies” which is dropping Feb. 24th, mixed by DJ I-VIER. Apparently when Gappy was out on the West Coast he fell in love a strain of Kush called Cookies. Big Up Bay Area Family!

Gappy Ranks is returning to San Diego March 3rd at Soundwave, and Tickets are available HERE!

Speaking of Bay Area…

The story is loosely based on the Legend of EPIC BEARD MAN

ooooh he leakin…

Tribe of Kings Soundsystem and Armory massive are joining forces this Friday, Feb. 10th to bring you “The Melting Pot”. Click here to view the invite.


If your not familiar with San Diego’s Premier Hip-Hop Culture Shop, get with my dudes at The Armory by clicking HERE
Cros 1 has been putting on the internationally renowned Freestyle Sessions. He got write ups on Wikipedia and shit:

“Freestyle Session was founded in 1997 by graffiti writer and DJ Chris “Cros1″ Wright in California. It is the largest breaking competition based in the United States. The main competitive event is for b-boy crews, but there are also popping and locking competitions for solo competitors.” Hip-Hop Dance

Happy Bornday Robert Nesta Marley!

Those who are from San Diego, know about the biggest annual Reggae concert in town. The Bob Marley Festival. Of course these days it’s known as the “Tribute to the Legends” festival or concert or whatever. To me it will always be Bob Marley Fest. Due to legal issues concerning Bob Marley’s estate, the yearly festival had to change it’s name. Which is funny to me because to some, including myself, Bob Marley is important like MLK. Yet you won’t get a lawsuit from the Martin Luther King Jr. estate if you want to throw a tribute show. To each their own, but I can also see why it makes sense to pay tribute to all the Legends of Reggae that have passed on.

The Fest has become a two-day affair starting this year, and is moving from it’s home at the Sports Arena to the Broadway Pier in downtown SD. Don Carlos, Yellowman, Johnny Osbourne, Jr. Reid just to name a few. Wicked line-up. To see the full line up click HERE

We are throwing an after party, Saturday Feb. 18th with some of the top Reggae Sound Systems from San Diego. Destiny Roots, Shotta Crew, TRC, DJ APR , and Tribe of Kings. The idea is to bring more unity between the sounds in San Diego, because it seems we don’t come together as much, thus leaving the Reggae community a bit fractured. One step forward we say.


Hip-Hop VS Punk Rock was H.A.M. & Eggs!!! Full house, great perfromances, lots of beer. That’s first friday of every month at The Tower Bar…It has me inspired to leave with a punk rock shout out…