Love Is Not A Gamble Riddim originates from the original Love Is Not A Gamble tune by The Techniques produced by Duke Reid, and released in 1967 on Reid’s Treasure Isle imprint.

Since then the riddim has been re-licked time and time again, creating different angles on the riddim, as well as different hits including Garnett Silk – Love Me Baby, Barrington Levy – My Woman, Lone Ranger – Dancehall Style, Shabba Ranks – Wicked Inna Bed, and more recently one of my favorites off of the Peckings imprint:

Flash forward to 2014. Legendary Reggae Singer Jah Cure released another re-lick of the riddim that stretches the boundaries and limits of the Riddim, almost to the point of creating a whole new Riddim. But not quite. This powerful tune is one of my favorite Reggae Culture tunes of 2014:


As a DJ, I sometimes utilize music sites like iTunes if I cannot find a higher quality version of what I’m looking for. (iTunes sells their tunes at 256kbps) To my delight when I went to check for this Jah Cure tune, low and behold they were offering an acapella. I sat on the acapella for a few days, wondering how in the world I could possibly remix this banger. It came to me in a dream:

I was dreaming I was playing a dance (because that’s what DJs dream about apparently), and I had just ran the Janet Lee Davis version of the riddim, and right after I pulled out a version of the riddim with Jah Cure’s acapella riding over the top, and was like “BOOM! That’s it!” I woke up, got out of bed and got to editing.

So if you bothered to read this far down in my rambling, I’ll reward you with a free download of the remix, in full AIFF quality. All you gotta do is CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.

Sidenote, this remix actually got reposted through Jah Cure’s social media which got me hyped because he is one of my favorite artists. Since he is one of my favorite artists, I will end this post with a couple of my favorite Jah Cure videos and tunes from past and present.

For a time our mantra was FREE JAH CURE

Big up Jah Cure every time!


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