Freedom..dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun…YEAH RIGHT!!!

I’m sure every blogger and their mothers have covered SOPA and PIPA at great length this week.

SOPA=Stop Online Piracy Act
To read Wikipedia’s entry on SOPA Click HERE
Basically it gives the US Government more Federal control over the content found on-line. Namely “Rouge” websites from outside of U.S. jurisdiction that are pirating, or bootlegging American intellectual and patented materials.

Sure Artists need to get paid for their works. There are ways to fight it. But this Bill gives the Government the power to force on-line search engines to block certain sites. In other words, INTERNET CENSORSHIP. Many artists are fighting against this, and I don’t blame them. I invite you to brush up on the topic, and look at it yourself to form your own opinion.

Brand New Riddim from Hot Coffee: Stunt Double Riddim (not to be confused with Stuntdouble & Tenshun)

You can check out more Hot Coffee Music Business by clicking HERE

This Stylo-G Track been blazing out of my iPhone for a minute now! UK!

The homie Sumach got front page of The Reader, something not alot of Hip-Hop cats can boast of here in San Diego.CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE ON GONJASUFI

If you don’t know the drill with Gonjasufi, check the article, then check this joint. My dude is on some next level bugged out SOUL TO THE BONE dirty music. Not dirty like Blowfly, but dirty like this…

To hear more Gonjasufi, visit his myspace by clicking HERE, check his homepage HERE, and buy his music HERE.

I always hear cats talk about how you got to get out of San Diego to get respect, and I understand it has worked for alot of folks. It gets frustrating out here. Cost of living is high, wages and job opps are low and if you want to follow your dreams it’s a hard living. That’s why I like what Sumach says about repping SD so that folks DO know culture exists out here. As far as leaving SD to make noise, in my case, Fuck That! I Will Get Over I gotta play outside of San Diego, sure, but I got gotta nurture my home, and make sure there are still places to get a dose of culture. Shit, maybe we won’t have the next popular scene based on our city. GOOD! The last thing we want is a bunch of culture whores transplanting to get in on the next big thing. That’s what (with all due respect) L.A. and S.F. are good for. You don’t know what San Diego is known for besides beaches and Shamu? No? GOOD! Stay your ass at Sea World or stay your ass home…

(BTW, I Love SF, and sometimes LA)
(I say sometimes LA because, and LA can back me up, there’s little love between the cities when the Raiders play the Chargers in SD)

Speaking of “Welcome To San Diego, Now Go Home”, and speaking of Stuntdouble & Tenshun…

Another installment of the ever-popular Hip-Hop Vs. Punk Rock party we throw EVERY FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH at The Tower Bar” features a double bill this time. 2 Hip-Hop acts, and 2 Punk Rock acts as well as your favorite Drunk Punk Rap DJs: Mr. Henshaw, DJ Sesh, and myself.
Check out The Regressions by clicking HERE
Check out Stuntdouble & Tenshun by clicking HERE
Check Out P.38 & RW by clicking HERE
Check this footage of The Lumps Live:

I had a chance to sit down with Stuntdouble recently for an interview and I will be posting that in the future with a rumored EXCLUSIVE track for free download, so stay tuned!!!

I will also be playing at one of my favorite dives in the city this Monday, January 23rd at LIVE WIRE for Wheels Of The Industry. This series of Monday Night DJ Nights runs through the gambit of Daygo DJs, mixing up the styles and vibes every week, has been brought to us for years now by Glory Bound Productions. The DJ has to spin with his back to bar patrons, there is barely any room at all to dance so most have to get inventive, and the drinks flow HEAVY all night. If you do not have anything cracking, roll through…


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