2011 5000

“I pray you do not look at me, I pray I don’t look back”

The National Defense Authorization Act is something I think everyone should keep their eyes on. Section 1031…

“allowing for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without a trial or hearing, and Section 1032 requires that detentions authorized by Section 1031 be by the armed forces in the case of non-citizens.”

This is of course is an anti-terrorism measure, but it concerns me that the word “Terrorist” is can be applied so loosely. Detention of U.S. citizens without trial sounds very troubling to me. We’ve already seen the use of LRAD technology which was not to be used on the American public.

And now Obama has the both Senate and Congress approved Bill in front of him ready to be signed, and I’m seeing our Rights being decimated.

(((awkward segue between revolution and dancehall gyal tunes)))

These new Cham tunes are KILLERS. I’ve been using my IrieFM iPhone App to tune in to Jamaican radio while I’ve been building my new studio, and these tunes are in HEAVY rotation. If you aren’t knowing about Irie FM, it’s a paid subscription, but if you’re a Reggae fanatic, it’s well worth it. Check out their website: iriefm.net

Speaking of Irie FM, one of their resident mixers, DJ Sunshine has just released this I-Octane promo mix, entitled “So Siick”. This is a free download, and it you can get it HERE.

Gappy Ranks is an artist I been following for a minute now. He’s been killing riddims all year long and this new Hot Coffee mixtape is some new stuff. Visit iamjacoblee.com and click on the photo. “War Ah You Gate” mixttape fee download…(When you get to the sendspace, dont be fooled by the fake download links)


Culture Top 5

1. New Heights-Kymani Marley
2. Mash Up The Dance-Taranchyla
3. Too Watchy-Collie Buddz
4. Number 1-Gyptian
5. From My Heart-Jah Cure

Culture Remix of the Year: Dubbing In The Deep-Adele

Culture Riddim of the YearHeart & Soul Riddim Notice Productions
Runner Up-Bomboflow Riddim

Dancehall Top 5
1. Dancehall Hero-Vybz Kartel
2. Certain Law -Mr. Vegas
3. Final Destination-Mavado
4. Strange Face-Chan Dizzy
5. Swaggin-Wayne Marshall Ft. Tifa & Future Fambo

Honorable mention: Dancehall Duppy-Tony Matterhorn

Dancehall Riddim Of the year-BarbWire Riddim Q45 Productions
Runners up-Dancehall Efx Riddim & Overproof Riddim

Artist of the year-Vybz Kartel

5 artists to watch for 2012


Tommy Lee



Health & Strength for 2012, we might all really need it!!!


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