Hmmm…November 5th, 2012?
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Vybz Kartel-Money Dun is fucking wicked. Big tunes still coming out, Teacha’s Pet (Kartel’s reality TV program featuring him in a mansion with a handfull of gals) is internationally popular, and he is still in jail… Jamaica not only makes stars, it makes legends.

Speaking of MONEY DUN
Ocean Boogie is DUN! Although our last party didn’t end with a bottle shower, like the previous video, it didn’t end well.

Ocean Boogie was a party I had been trying to get together for years in Ocean Beach. None of the bars on the main drag wanted to pay DJs, and didn’t quite understand the potential. Nick’s at the Pier let us in finally in 2010. This was the flyer for when we started to do it weekly instead of bi-weekly. We made it a little over a year.

We have a couple sets of photos on our website, you can check by clicking HERE

And there’s this video, for the last time:

Ocean Boogie wasn’t pretentious. We weren’t pushing boundaries with groundbreaking selections, or trying to impress the more educated ears with rare unearthed dance jewels that club critics would blog about. It was straight up get faded, dance hard and dance dirty until 2am came around. Old School, Funk, Disco, Top 40, 4 on the floor fistpumper jumpers, hard gangster rap, Reggae and Dancehall. Whatever the ladies wanted to hear, because if they were not happy then dudes were not happy and the place could get ugly if the conditions were right. Just plain fun. Nobody in OB cared if their dance moves were bizarre, in fact they preferred it. More often than not, gals removed their shoes along with other parts of their outfit. House party in a bar was our M.O. It was my favorite party for a year. No format. No bullshit. Strictly for the folks in Ocean Beach, and folks from outside that hear about it. We only canvased our flyers on Newport Ave., and let the word spread on it’s own. We did it for Ocean Beach, and that’s it. Not for the fortune, or the glory but give folks in OB a place to go dance to something besides jam bands and beach reggae shows. A place where you could catch outlaw bikers doing the dougie right next to girls who spent an hour doing their hair, knowing it was going to be fucked up by the end of the night.

Big ups to the DJs that through and rocked: FAM ROYAL CREW‘s J Blow & Myson King, SONNY PHONO, THE DJ H.O.P., DJ NON-FIT, DJ I-Vier, DJ ESEF, DASH EYE, JESTER, BETO… am I missing anyone? Hope not. Big up still..

Obviously I feel sad about losing our Saturday Night Ocean Beach Boogie Party, but all good things must come to an end.





One thought on “MONEY DUN

  1. I think I shed a small tear watching that video.

    Big ups to The Boogie Brothers, Nick’s at the Pier and everyone’s favorite Saturday night bartender – Mike…

    One of the greatest years of my life

    R.I.P. OBoogie, my weekly get down, amusement and flat out “get funked up” event…

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