If me nah shit dem cyaan yum…

CLICK HERE to kick it up a notch…

There is this nice likkle page, where you can follow live streams of all the different Occupy _______ movements city to city. Pretty interesting:

Khago-Tun Up Di Ting (Overproof Riddim)
You can support Khago and the rest of the artists on this riddim by purchasing the music on iTunes by clicking HERE

^^ You can download a promo mix of the riddim on soundcloud ^^
Million Stylez released a new riddim thats been tearing up the dances. Check the footage from the Riddim release party:

New Yelawolf joint produced by Diplo & Borgore. Kinda fuckin smashin!

And while I was on the old cloud, i caught this new mix from HavocNdeeDsound out of Vegas. It’s on some bugged out Heavy Metal/Dub Step crazy ish. Available for download:

If we cannot make it legal, we gotta keep making it ourselves.
You down? CHECK THIS


Tami Chynn is back with this big new tune. Certified Jumper!
Support Tami, and buy it on iTunes by clicking HERE


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