The Legendary Gregory Issacs

Every time I hear the music and I take a dip…a dip…

Gregory Issacs is in my Top 5 Reggae singers of all time. I’ve been listening to his tunes since Jr. High School. I’ve made out in cars with girls on Sunset Cliffs while listening to Night Nurse. I’ve attended Gregory Issacs concerts at least 6 times in my life, DJ’d at 3 of them, and have played his tunes in my set more often than not.

In 2010, my boys from Run Tings Unlimited, and FOKAI attempted to throw a Bob Marley Salute in Guam with Gregory and Yellowman. Unfortunately the day after I landed, his band showed up but he had to stay in the states due to illness. The resulting show was a crushing extended powerhouse set by King Yellowman, and the crowd was ecstatic. Yet we all missed being able to see Gregory, and hoped we could bring him back soon. I was fortunate enough to meet and hang with Gregory’s brother Ruddy Issacs. Rolling scooters and shucking coconuts while picking his brain about the glory days of Reggae. I made a special pre-show mix cd and you can still download it for FREE from the Tribe of Kings website by clicking HERE.

On October 25th, 2010 Dash Eye and I made a trip out to The Bay for a week long DJ run. The clip above shows our first night at the Legendary Skylark in the Mission, and the first of many impromptu tributes to Gregory, who had just passed away.. Every night following was chock full of Gregory tunes, and heavy vibes. My week ended at DJ SMOKY’S party, King of Kings Sundays, where I played the final set of Gregory tunes for the week.

In October 2010 we had Gregory play back to back nights at Soundwave in Mission Beach, San Diego. Unfortunately this was the last time I ever got to see him perform live. You can check flicks from those shows HERE and HERE.

VP recently released a Tribute album featuring the latest Reggae stars, and it is MURDER! I strongly suggest you peep this album out immediately. Take a look at Legendary Reggae Artist/Producer Dean Frasier has to say about this project HERE.



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