Chris Brown & Lil Wayne got this new joint called “I Can Transform Ya”. Thanks to Johnny Wonder, and a couple other sources i have put together a little pack while this is still hot.

Mr Lexx has found a resurgence in popularity, part of which is due to his monster tune “Hold The Line” with Major Lazer. This remix (Respect To Federation Sound) is ROUGH AS FUCK!

Leftside AKA Dr. Evil has a laced another remix, which is along the lines of Ari Spears’ famous freestyles, as well as Supernatural. Leftside summons the spirits of Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and Chris Brown and puts them in front of the mic for this smasher. Is there anything Leftside can’t do?


Also the version, and an extra special remix are included…Jump It

Hugh “Still In The Building” Knight


6 thoughts on “TRANSFORM

    1. Wicked. I haven’t been hitting the forums too much, but I was not aware of this one. Give Thanks!

      Need to find the 320. But this is the baddest one so far!

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