The Legend Of Disko Rick

Yesterday was a good friend of mine’s birthday, so I thought I would kick off a fresh new posting motivation with a couple thoughts on one of the most influential dudes I have ever met.

Tony Prieto, Peng One, Disko Rick. These were the names of one of my mentors.

Tony is the guy that would buy me a pitcher of beer when I was broke, as long as I free styled for the 50 Something patrons of a lowdown dirty bar named J.C.’s.

Peng One TV CREW was the mysterious vandal, who helped to pave the way for a generation of Graffitti Writers in the underbelly of the beautiful city of San Diego, where anything with Culture was suppressed.

Disko Rick was the SP1200 freaker, who thirsted for big drums and a fresh pair of turntable needles to subject to various torture technics.

Most of the time I called him Peng. It seemed to fit his personality better. He tended to carry his Graff aesthetic with him in everything he did. Mystery and Intrigue matched with a roughneck edge and a criminal lust for all out destruction. If the Graff scene was a popularity contest, he lost on purpose. The only rules he chose to follow, were a strict discipline of style and anonymity.

Olive Street yards cica 91′

Peng had a zero tolerance policy when it came to suckers. He would go right over your shit if you came into to his house unannounced…

TDK Yard

I used to love hearing about his latest antics, where he would be drinking a forty, on the solo, with a baseball bat inside HIS freight car yard, waiting for unwanted writers to chase.

PENG TDK circa 1990

He had the authority to do so, since he was responsible for laying the first layer of buff paint to such notorious San Diego yards as the Olive Street Yard, Wino Valley, Fashion Valley Pits and more. He stalked the layups, inspecting the cars for pieces, throwups, and sneaky hobo tags. I painted my first freight with Peng, and he made me cut my teeth on the middle doors, which are challenging in the dark.

I met OG Daygo writers like Zeno, and Quasar chillin at Peng’s house becuase that’s what he was: an O.G.

His later persona PJOE TVC. (Doesn’t take well to the buff)

One of our favorite things to do was to roll into a club/party with two break records and a microphone and barge up on someone’s set. He would pass me the mic and just attack all guerilla and shit. Peng was my first DJ I rapped with, and we did numerous shows and most were on the fly in random places. He would look at me after a show with his stoned eyes, and cocky smile and say “Hell yeah Unite, you rocked it. Now go get us some beers”

His house was the center of our crew’s existence. A dusty, dank garage housed the training grounds for First Power Crew. Wall to wall record racks, samplers, turntables, vocal booth, and Street Fighter II arcade style game. Every Thursday WAY back in the day (barely 18 years old) we would all converge on this garage, joined by MC’s from all over the city, and have a rap cipher for 4-5 hours drinkin 40’s, and smokin blunt. (It was 90s, we all were doing it). This meeting place was affectionately named “Land Of The Lost”.

Disko Rick put me through rigorous DJ training in the confines of “The Land”. For hours we would smoke small snapper bongloads one after another and he would pass me a record and have me match it with the one playing. We would also have in house head to head clashes where we would just try to outdo each other all night. HE showed me how to use the SP1200, but only recently did I understand how did his SP science really was.

Mr. Penguin, we miss you like hell man! I know you would be proud of what we are doin!


3 thoughts on “The Legend Of Disko Rick

  1. It’s great to hear people payin respects to PG. He was definitely way ahead of his time. I met Tony in 1991, it was all about Graff at the time in SD. Tony hadnt even touched a record yet, he was busy painting pieces on rooftops around morena blvd! Lol. We had alot of fun together drinkin 40’s smokin blunts, bombing the streets, painting the back of his house and skating his mini half-pipe he built behind his house! We used to push his crew KTC, back then he wrote “THOSE” what a dope ass name! we used to make 4-finger streaks out of oil pastels and mix krylon colors by freezing the cans in Angies freezer! haha! she used to yell at me, “Get outta my Kitchen Order!” man, I have sooo many stories..but I wont bore you guys, hehe. May Pengo Rest in Power always! I will never forget you Tony…

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