Suga Bear “Life’s Work” Brand New Album


It’s been my honor for the past year or so, when possible, holding down the DJ duties for my man Suga Bear’s stage show. We’ve played shows around Daygo from a random Mexican Food restaurant which moonlight’s as a live venue, to opening at 4 & B for Chef Raekwon.

Sug & I go farther back than that, in fact my old rap group Roundtable MCs, and Sug’s old rap group Constructive R.U.K.U.S. shared the stage many times, and went on tour with the Osiris Aftermath tour. Skateboarders & Hip-Hoppers, around 2000 a.d. Needless to say, the Hijinx were the stuff legends are made of…

Constructive R.U.K.U.S. in the day.

Sug’s latest album, “Life’s Work”, is 18 tracks of Hip-Hop goods, in a format which is straight up innovative Hip-Hop. Produced by Sklyer Mic of Ghettron who has historically been known around town in the Drum N Bass & Electronic scene, the beats wrap around your head and put that neck to work.

We just recently did a show for The Ghettron Party & Sug’s CD Release at the (Low End Heavy) Kava Lounge, and it was real nice. Beating the place up were DJ’s Izm, Amperes, & Kinetek, as well as live performances by MSSNGDGTS, and the debut performance by Queen Kong & The Mash Up. For Sug’s set, Bri from Deep Rooted blessed the stage with Sug for a couple tracks as well as DJ:EJ and Archie Dean for their Ghettron All-Stars smasher “Heard That”.

I’m feelin this stuff, and I think y’all will too.

Suga Bear-I Got Juice Ft. Skyler Mic
Suga Bear-Super Delegate
Ghettron All-Stars-Heard That

Jump This Shit!


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