Chuckleberry Update

Chuckle Berry scores first number one with the Sly & Robbie produced song

(To d/load the tune, go to My Previous Chuckleberry Post

Reggae crooner singjay, the man with the baritone/rasphy vocals, Chuckle Berry recently scored his first number -one song with the Sly & Robbie- produced single Good Life on the revived Merry Go Round Rhythm. The song peaked at number one on the Richie B’s Jamaica Music Count Down Reggae chart for the last three weeks. It was also number one on the DJ Gusma T chart in Italy. Good Life is also number one on the HITZ FM Chart.

Video Charts

The accompany video is making steady progress , it is Number 3 on CVM TV E- Strip Hit List Reggae Chart, number 9 on Juice TV Video Wha A Gwaan Pix chart and number 6 on TVJ’s ER Chart. Number one on the Italian Dancehall site

The song is also reportedly surging up the Reggae charts in France, Germany, Holland and Spain and is getting heavy rotation on Reggae stations in United States, Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada, Costa Rica, Belize, Japan and Australia.

Reports out of Africa from Reggae radio stations in countries, such as Morocco, Gambia, Kenya and South Africa is that the song is a favourite among radio jocks there.

Since the release of the Good Life video Chuckle Berry’s popularity have also surged, with the video being one of the most requested on local cable and television stations on the Island.

On the islands of the wider Caribbean and countries in Africa and Europe the video is gaining popularity among Reggae enthusiast.

The momentum of the “Good Life “song in the dancehall and in streets in Jamaica have reached fever pitch, it is already a hit at the popular Stone Love weekly session Weddy Weddy and other dancehall events , such as Passion Sundays, Passa Passa, Boasy Tuesdays and Champagne Fridays. The Good Life Dub/Special is in heavy rotation as each Radio Disc Jockey play their personalise version of the song.

“It has been a long time coming, it is a joy to have a number one song here in Jamaica but also to know that it is mashing up Europe and Africa, number one in Italy, it is tremendous, mi give thanks for that” Chuckle Berry said.

Chuckle Berry and Sly & Robbie are on the way to score a world hit, the song is appealing to fans worldwide. This global phenomenon is attributed to the artiste unique vocals and flow and the production skills of Sly & Robbie along Rorey Baker who engineered the song.

“The sky’s the limit for Chuckle Berry we have to just continue doing what we are doing and improve on it. We have position the artiste in the market place so that the song can become a huge hit internationally . He is getting very popular right now, his future look bright” said Manager Ra-Umi Alkebu-lan.


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