Gappy Ranks-Stinkin Rich and more…


Not sure if yall have been keeping up, but this dude Gappy Ranks is killing it right now. “Stinkin Rich” was the first tune I heard, which is a Dancehall tune over Million Stylez’s “Bullet Era Riddim”. I thought that tune was wicked, but it was overshadowed by a next batch of tunes produced by the one & only Peckings (See Studio One, and Bitty McClean). Peckings puts out new artists singing over Studio One versions, which gives it an Old Time Meets New School feel. With Gappy, imagine Auto Tune meets Coxsone. In the future you MUST look out for Tarrus Riley tunes produced by Peckings. That is going to be the ultimate combination.

Gappy Ranks-Remixes

I’ve attached a couple of the tunes I mentioned, and some remixes courtesy of myself and Dash Eye. Another blog had a remix contest, and we threw our hats in the ring to win a new dubplate. We didn’t win, but the remixes are nice.

Jump This!


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