I am now convinced that Major Lazer’s “Hold The Line” is the SHIT.

Major Lazer On Myspace
Mad Decent Website

Possibly something to do with:

Stuff floating around like this


All weekend this “Hold The Line” tune FUCKING MURKED everytime I played it. Now I know there are Blog trollers like you and me that are already hip to this tune, like “Man, I’m already up on that”, but common logic would say that a whole club full of people haven’t been introduced to the thing like this. At least in Daygo, in a purely dancehall format.

Folks that I’ve known forever, who I have never seen dancing like maniacs, were creating new dancesteps on the fly and going bezerk. I tried to break the tune for two weeks, getting a bit of a reaction, but the place went APESHIT over this thing last night.

Switch & Diplo and a cast of savory characters are releasing the project in June, and “Hold The Line” already got a knod from veteran Jamaican producer Dave Kelly, when he flipped another version of the riddim, with Cham… Both versions MURKED!

Major Lazer “Hold The Line PLUS”

Broke it at an afterhours the other night with mostly Jamaicans in place, who also had the same response. Big Tune!

Go to the Mad Decent Website and pre-order the vinyl.
Jump this shit!


One thought on “Lazer

  1. see! i guess i wasnt the only one all worked up about major lazer this past week! “zumbie” is what it pushed it for me! nice one unite!

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