Summer looking HOT!

This little article I just read is going to make for an interesting summer!!
Snoop Dogg Going Reggae?

Unite will also be along for that one! Brrrrrrrrrrrap
Check the Dates

If last years tour was any indication of what this year will be like, I’m in for it!
Check Here
Check Here
For photos and tales from last years “Tailgate tour”

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor, especially if you are a Slightly Stoopid fan, and check out this new Mash-Up made by one of my DJ Mentors, Mike Czech from the World Famous Skratch N Sniff Mixshow. GRAB THEIR MIX “FENDER BLENDER” HERE Also featured on this is none other than Ice-T…just check it! It has officially gotten the big up from the boys themselves!
Slightly Stoopid-2 AM In The Morning (MIKE CZECH REMIXXX)

If I gets my camera up and running, I should have a nice selection after to summer to share.



One thought on “Summer looking HOT!

  1. I heard Grin’s got new shit coming , have you ever met him ? does he smoke allot of blunts ? or is that just bullshit ?

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