My good bredren Alkebu-Lan from Jamaica sent me this new Chuckle Berry tune. If you are not familiar with Chuckle Berry, get familiar:

Chuckle Berry
Chuckle Berry-Turn Me On

Chuckle Berry
The message is in his music

Reggae music for a lot of individuals in Jamaica is the medium used to express the harsh realities of the many problems that confront people in their day to day struggle. Artistes use it to highlight the plight of people that have been down trodden and abused by the power structure. So the many voices in Reggae Music sing songs of protest, religion, love and social issues, hence the talented singer Chuckle Berry with his positive message.

Christened Byron Brown hails from the parish of St. Ann and attended Steer Town Primary School, Marcus Garvey Secondary High School and Fitz Henley Business School. Chuckle Berry’s musical journey started out while he was at Primary School, where he would sing at school concerts and community events.

Like most artistes from the rural areas in Jamaica he had to move to Kingston, the mecca of Reggae music. His first studio recording was for H.I.M’s Production a song titled “Respect Due To Every Sound”. He did an album entitled “Cost Of Living” for record producers Flabba Holt and Leggo which was distributed by Ras Records, a company based in Washington D.C, U.S.A.

He signed a contract with Record producer Castro Brown for three years and in 1990 he toured countries like United States, Europe, Japan and Canada where he had the hit song “Things A Gwaan” which peaked at number 2 on the Reggae Chart. In England his songs “Yearning” which featured Annette Brown, and “Programme” with Luciano were very popular.

After doing some soul searching he returned to the music scene in 2005, with “Equal Rights” and “Hungry” featuring the singer Kharuso, Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time” with Latoya and “Don’t Give It Up”. “Rasta Nuh Tek Life”, “El Numero Uno” featuring Tsahai, “Rasta Straight”, “Giving It To Har”, “Di Spice” and “Bad Man” are favorites among Disc Jockeys. His recently released Sly and Robbie produced song “Good Life” (Merry Go Round Rhythm) is getting maximum spin FM Radio in Jamaica and is charting world wide. His videos “Good Life”, “Rasta Nuh Tek Life” and “El Numero Uno” are getting heavy rotation on both cable and television stations. He is currently working on his soon to be released 18 tracks album.

He performed on GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza, Reggae Sumfest, and the Ocho Rios Seafood Festival.

Chuckle Berry’s revolutionary spirit echoes the call of rebellion in his music and this consciousness has propelled him in the hearts of the devoted Reggae fans. With an in-depth understanding Rastafari and African history he will make an indelible mark on the minds of the conscious people of the world as he delivers thought provoking lyrics, without apologies. “Reggae music is here to stay and I n I is here to impart my knowledge of history to the people, cause for too long Babylon have my people in spiritual, mental and physical bondage. You see this is as a result of lack of knowledge and understanding of oneself”.

As A Bonus, here is the aforementioned track over the Merry Go Round Riddim.
Chuckle Berry-Good Life (Merry Go Round Riddim)

Jump It!



  1. Yo Chuckle Berry, music still rocks brother. Money’s tight bro, no Jamaica again this year.

    Peace and Love from California

    Please say hi to all Hi Mom Al and Mikie

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