Hugh Knight’s Top 5 for 2009 pt 1

Hopefully yall have dodged the “Swine Flu”. Keep your hands and your heart clean…

Big up Party goers. As business gets busier, the blog gets slower (I.E. Blog is the hobby, not the business)
Therefore in order to keep your attention, I gotta take care of yall.

I Present my top 5 for the first part of 09. The ranking is not based on anyones charts, or international popularity. These are straight from my dancehall set, and most of them are worked into my new dancehall mix “Fistfull Of Dollars”, which has just received the finishing touches, and aiming it in the right direction for release.



First-Konshens & Demarco-Paper Chasing

Second-Konshens-Dem Vex (Boasy Riddim)


Third-Laden-Money Over War (Advocate Riddim)

Busy Signal

FourthBusy Signal-Money Tree

Mykal Rose

Fifth-Mykal Rose-Mr. Quick Fi Shoot Out

Guaranteed jumpers!

And as a bonus for making it through the tough times…

Recession is tough on everyone, including the Dark Lord Of The Sith

Jump It!


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