Jackin For Links: Welcome Back Huey

Your boy has been going hard, tryin to put the game in a choke hold. Nor Cal with Capitol City Rockers, and my boy Kool Rockin’ DJ Esef at the Capitol Garage with a special mic session with Ras Matthew. Yay Area Sound Clash was fun, and chilled with DJ Smoky at King of Kings with Junior Reid.

Returned with a day of rest (in the Studio), then started the 420 WEEK (it’s 420 everyday for yours truly, but Daygo has some serious celebrating to do). Played with Slightly Stoopid at a Benefit For Autistic Children that was painfully miscommunicated through the Charity’s flyer designer, although a MAJOR SUCCESS. 6 Hours of Roots Reggae Power on Thursday at The Riddim Roll at Harney Sushi (Which by the way got a mention last week, when Jay Leno tried to knock the comedic nickname “Miso Harney”). Friday was the STEADY CRUSHIN jumpoff.
Saturday was Double Duty when I played the first half of the Seedless Madness 420 party at Canes, then served up a smackdown of Hip-Hop, Dancehall, and CUMBIA at the final afterhours party at the Historic CHINATOWN LOFT till 4am. Followed up Sunday night with the second half of SEEDLESS madness, which included Herbal Madness. Monday night I played Reggae at the Saloon In Encinitas with Electro dudes Gabe Vega and Adam Salter, and crashed hard tuesday…

And that might have bored you a little, so now what? Hugh is back.

With a little help from my RSS feed, I have some nice things to share, and a little tip for those who aren’t hip to what that is.

If you have seen this logo before, but are not familiar, allow me to open a door for you. RSS feeds work as a subscription system, so that you can subscribe to your favorite blogs. I assume it was originally set up to deliver you news daily, but has turned into a handy little tool for DJs, and music fans alike, who scour blogs everyday for tunes.
Do you already use this technology? Here are some easy steps I used to get mine running.

1. I already signed up for Gmail long ago, and eventually caught on to Google’s “iGoogle” feature which allows you to make a custom homepage that can be set as the page you go to everytime you open your internet. iGoogle is filled with widgets and whatnot that include weather, popular news feeds, etc… So go on and set up a iGoogle homepage for yourself.

2. Once your Google account is setup, look for the link on the toolbar up top that says “Reader” This is the key to setting up your feeds. All you need to do is add subscriptions to your favorite blogs by pushing the button that says “add subscription” and copy and paste the web address for your favorite blogpage. I have about 30 in my subscriptions, and constantly find new ones to add.

3. Go back to your google homepage and look for the link that says “Add Stuff”. Use the search function and find the Google Reader Widget. Once added, you now have a widget that shows you all of the latest subscriptions you have in the order that they are posted, immediately after they are posted.

The advantage to this is saving yourself the hours of trolling your bookmarked blogs, and having them all available in a little box. Bottomline for me: Albums come my way like e-mails, and I can cimply pick and choose what looks interesting.

The worst part for me is finding very dope blogs, that use Rapidshare. Rapidshare sucks, because you can only download once or twice within an hour unless you have an account. Also getting bombarded with posts from avid sites like 2dopeboys that not only post new Hip-Hop joints, but any and everything Hip-Hop from interviews to videos. Sometimes my reader will backed up with 300plus posts that I need to view so they will be off my list.
But you will get that once you are up and running.

If you made it this far, I’d like to share some interesting, and comedic links I’ve caught in my Reader this week.

First up, I always find myself entertained by my boy Skip’s blog Super Duty Tough Work, where he delves into everything from Good Music, to Good Art & Design. Also lots of photos from his adventures with Baby Zeus around town in Seattle.
Here is something I’m sure Skip will enjoy if he hasnt given up hope on the 45 party

Right Here Skip opens up the discussion, and comparison between Jamie Foxx & Eddie Murphy. Blame It vs. Party All The Time.

While we are on the topic of “Blame It On The Alcohol”, take a listen to Blame It On The Weed-Wayne Marshall and tell me this isn’t going to slam and the next dance you play at. It was a 420 smash all week.

Taken from I Smoke Two Joints, they have posted a real cool collection of Joe Gibbs’ early productions from the Rock Steady Era. You can check the post here.

I also been following Mad Decent for a minute and caught a post with this wicked tune from Major Lazer. Check out the post and tunes Here

My bredren Lionel Judah, of San Diego’s Dub Dynamite fame, came across this “wicked likkle blog” called P.A. to Da Reggae. I had been looking for a certain album that someone kindly relieved me of over 10 years ago, and hadn’t been able to find it since. Luckily, the digital version has been harvested and can be found Here.

Tryin to make up for lost time friends. I know this was long winded, but I’d like to welcome myself back.

Don’t lose faith in the Party, more jumpers to come!!!

Jump It


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