Gone but not forgotten

For those of you who been wonderin where I been at, I’ve busy as hell. Everytime I been blogging, it’s been to update the newly reformatted TRIBEOFKINGS.com, and getting prepared for the sound war that took place this weekend in San Francisco’s Pier 23, the official Club Dread 5th Annual Soundclash. I am going to leave the judgement to the people, but needless to say we did not bring the trophy home.

Early Juggling by JFX & TNT Sound, and Round 1
Clash Pt. 2
Clash Pt 3 including Tune for Tune

As a bonus I would like to show you this incredible piece of Reggae History: Hugh Mundell alongside Augustus Pablo. 1978!!!

Thanks to my boy =SKIP= over at Super Duty Tough Work for kicking me in the ars over my inexcusable blog neglect, I will be back in the loop with vengeance!


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