The Rollin’ Blackouts-OB: Original Blackouts (2002)

Please partake is this little taste of punk rock, from my old band The Rollin’ Blackouts, along with budget liner notes which read as such…Sorry, no photos or videos exist (unless someone can enlighten me). Jump It!

The Rollin’ Blackouts-OB: Original Blackouts (2002)

Drums: Gabe Ryan
Bass: Tino
Guitar: Dunning Butler
Vocals: Unite

The Rollin’ Blackouts were formed in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego, California in 2001, in the beginning of the Post-911 era. Although they never actually made it out of San Diego, this one recording remains of their short lived legacy. Punk Rock, stripped down to the bare minimum.

On stage crowd participation, and antics often left the stage in shambles, the musicians partially injured, and most of the crowd eventually being thrown out. The stage was equipped with bare essentials, no crazy effects for the bass and guitar, just volume. The drum kit often consisted of one hihat cymbal, a snare which sat upon a lawn chair, and a kick drum.

While the players have moved onto new horizons, this is all that remains of The Rollin’ Blackouts from Ocean Beach.

Hugh Knight (2009)

1. Safe No More
2. Gestapo
3. Burn It All
4. Crutches (Live At Dream Street 2002)
5. No Vacation
6. Losing Our Government
7. Sex Money Murder


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