I used to love HER: Hardcore Hip-Hop

When “fresh” was till fresh, and 808’s weren’t accompanied by heartbreaks, there used to be this free spirited, party music called Hip-Hop. It was raw and gritty, yet naive and full of fresh faces. It had the unmistakable sound that could scare the shit out of neighbors, and parents, and anyone else who had not been properly introduced.

Content is really not that much different. People are still bragging about their chains, and Gucci. They still worship a woman’s figure, and boast about their remarkable skills on the mic. Even the word “Fresh” is back. I don’t believe that “Fresh” is the same as it was back in the day, but I am risking sounding like an old Jazz cat saying “Music ain’t the same”. But it’s really not. Unless made to sound like the past, Hip-Hop has been swept up by the global market, and artists are being knocked off as quickly as they are spit out. Then comes their disappearance, and nobody gives a damn 5 years later. Think I’m wrong? Where is Whodini? Spoonie Gee? Just Ice? Grandmaster Caz? Boogie Boys? Fat Boys? Does anyone care?

Mantronix-Hardcore Hip-Hop
This is what I would like ALL Hip-Hop to sound. Bone crushing beats, fun lyrics, and straight overall CRUSHING track. I originally owned this in the form of “Mantronix-The Cassette”, bought new from the local Swap Meet. Drum machine claps are HARDCORE!

Fresh 3 MC’s-Fresh

Once again, big beats and rough rhymes equals Hardcore Hip-Hop. “F-R-E-S-H, fresh fresh fresh, that’s fresh”

Run-D.M.C.-Slow & Low (Demo)

This whole post is most certainly owed to this group, and probably Rick Rubin. Run-D.M.C. takes the rough beats, splits the delivery between two of the Hardest MC’s, and takes Hip-Hop to that Hard street vibe with brutal force. Since their discography is well know and probably memorized, I’m goin to hit you with this. It’s a well known story that Run-D.M.C. had originally penned Slow and Low before it was given to the Beastie Boys. You may not have heard this yet, but the formula is the same. Rough, stripped down beat, with a seemingly drawn out delivery. These dudes are the genuine article.

Steady B-Stupid Fresh

One of the many tragedy’s of Hip-Hop, Steady B was very Hardcore, even with the dance moves. To me it’s all about the beats. Rough & Rugged. Hard delivery is the other component. Steady B got both.

T La Rock-Breaking Bells (12″ Version)

One of the best examples of Hardcore Hip-Hop from the 80’s. La Rock eventually went on to do works with Mantronix, but the first Album really kills. His first single “It’s yours” was almost posted, but I love this tune so much, I had to do it.

Boogie Down Productions-Tcha-Tcha

Without a doubt, BDP embodies where Hip-Hop was going, and should have stayed. This particular tune is straight rough, although newer than the previous tunes. Once your ears get a taste, you will see why this is in full context with the rest of these tunes.

I might be just getting old, and jaded, but this is how is used to be, and I wish there were more who felt this. some might believe that Hip-Hop started with Wu-Tang, but this is where I come from. Hard Beats, Hard Rhymes, no filler.

Jump It.


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