Sting 2008: The Aftermath

Sting 2008 Audio (Borrowed Link)
Give Thanks to Jamworld876 for passing on the link…

It was built to be the clash of the decade. Sting 2008 held in Portmore, featuring the long awaited on-stage lyrical duel between two of Dancehall’s hottest names. Mavado Vs. Vybz Kartel.

From the right side of the stage, Mavado appeared in a ski mask and leather trench coat. From the left side, Vybz appeared in full military gear, ready for war. The two engaged in about 10 minutes of lyrical warfare, and rapid fire assaults that left the Portmore fans going nuts. In the end, my humble opinion is that Vybz Kartel was the winner. Thought it was close, Vybz was the Last Man Standing.

For those not in the know, Vybz and Vado been going at it for the past year, first ending theur feud, then re-igniting it. Now the day has come, the smoke is clearing, and Vybz seems to stand the victor. Of course, the battlefield was unbalanced, since Vybz is the King of the Portmore Empire, and Mavado’s crew “Alliance” was outside of the comfort zone, very recognizable when Bounty Killer was BOOED OFF STAGE?!?!?

Unfortunately the clash overshadowed the entire show, but new artists made their presence felt, especially rising Female Artist Pumpattae, with her X-Rated dances, and tune “Pat Yuh Pum Pum” (Sickest title ever).

Take a listen for yourself, as we await the DVD quality video.

I also borrowed another link from jamworld876, which features a new tune recorded by Vybz Kartel immediately after the clash, called “Last Man Standing”.

Boy, Jamaican artists sure know how to stir it up
Vybz Kartel-Last Man Standing

Jump it…


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