The Party Continues

So here it is. Big F’N wow.Not much different I guess.

2009 I will be stepping my blog game up a bit, but not for the fortune and the glory. Just to keep it jumping.

I would also like to extend an invitation to those who feel they might be able to add to the content here at the party, I’d be open to see whats up. As some of you can tell, I tend to dip out and about, and dont always have the time to keep up with my writing tings.

Ain’t nothin changed but the address, so stay tuned.

New Artist Ras Sherby. Kinda Garnett Silkish, but I’m feeling it!

Ras Sherby-Time Is Of The Essence

Here’s a little remix featuring Busy Signal over T-Pain’s Can’t Believe it beat.
Busy Signal-Smoke Some High Grade (Can’t Believe Riddim)

Jump that shit


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