HOPE: I hope I’m wrong

I’ve been trying not to get into it with anybody regarding the election. I have a viewpoint that has made people get up in arms with me. Like most of my beliefs, I just kind of keep them to myself so that I don’t outwardly offend people.

I think Baseball is shit, and I don’t promote it. I think Sodomy is nasty, and do not promote it. I think Christmas is an excuse to boost Mega Corporations sales at the end of the fiscal year, and not to celebrate Jesus.

This is my blog though, and Nov. 4th is approaching, so I can say pretty much whatever the hell I want.

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I think voting is a farce.

The Generations before me have this saying, that if you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to make a complaint. That actually makes alot of sense, back then.

The election of 2000, and the events therein completely convinced me that our beloved Democracy died right there and then. The end of innocence. It might have been decades before that, but it became mighty apparent to me that night while watched the news coverage of the election. We voted, and We voted for Al Gore. Yet George Bush became the President. How did that happen? How could it?

I believe that we really didn’t have a choice. There was a plan set into place, and George Bush had to win in order for it happen. The plan was introduced by W’s father, George Sr., when he unveiled his plan for New World Order.

For 8 years our country faced perilous calamity, and things are fucked. But we had hope that the powers that be would be dishing out Justice from 9-11, and we would be able to rid the world of the vicious Terrorists.

Of course this looked bad for the Republicans. Their policies had thrown THE WORLD into a state of fear, hatred, and danger. Our economy has been destroyed, our homes are being taken, our pockets are emptying out and hope is all but lost. And I believe this is by design.

We have lost hope that things will get better.

When the people are hungry, you promise them food. When the people are poor, you promise them money. When the people have no voice, you promise them a voice. When the people have no hope, you promise them hope.

Symbolically, Barack Obama is an icon for change when people are demanding it. He is a symbol of the progress Black people have made in gaining a foothold in a country that has done everything to hold them back as much as possible. Just 50 years after Blacks were “given” the right to vote, they now have a champion that gives them hope of actually being given their propers as Human Beings with the same Human Rights that White Folks have hoarded for centuries.

Where most try to avoid the race card in this election, lets just get to the point. Barack Obama is going to be getting most of the Black vote, because of his color. Why has there been such a registration boom by Black voters?

It’s a sign that our country is moving beyond it’s hatred of those not White, and why wouldn’t any Americans with ANY common sense get with that program. He speaks directly to those that are hurting from the mistakes the administration before him made, and he promises change.

Give the people a choice between the oldest Presidential nominee in history, with his STUPID ass excuse for a Vice Presidential nominee, next to someone that shows NO flaws, who are the people going to vote for, and be satisfied with? I have seen the same videos you have seen, with mad racist fucks in the midwest saying stupid ass ignorant shit. Any of us with common sense have seen this and made it a point to vote and fight against these people. But it just seems to hold the same realism as an episode of Survivor. They just look like they are starving, but they aren’t forced to starve.

I tell you what. A part of me really wants to believe him. A part of me has been waiting for him like Jesus. Seemingly straight talk, and a bold maneuver away from the things that have ruined our taste for the government.

But are we being naive? Are we falling victim to another wolf ticket salesman? I believe so.

The machine we call America has so much riding on the line, that one man cannot come into the pit and change the world. Just as George W. Bush, who came off as the biggest idiot this country has ever called president, was the face of the country, he was merely a puppet. Unfortunately, I see Obama as being the face of the same machine. The more we are divided between ourselves as Red & Blue states, Republican and Democrat parties, Liberals and Conservatives, the more we are being duped into thinking they are not one in the same.

I believe this charade we call elections, is already set. Barack Obama is our next president. We will be relieved that things are going to change. When they don’t we are going to say, it’s ok, he’s still trying to change it. Because he’s Barack Obama and we believe in him as much as we did Martin Luther King Jr., or JFK. Yet when the genuine articles were in a position of power, they were killed in cold blood by the same people who made sure the 2000 elections became a coup de tat.

So when my good friend was appalled by the fact that I would not vote this November, we got into a heated argument. He told me this was the only way for my voice to “officially” be heard. Just because the Presidency was hijacked before, and our votes did not matter then, they must matter now. Because we HOPE we still have a hand in what going on with our country, and have some sort of say in what our representatives do.

I’m not mad at people who vote. I don’t look down at them, or think I’m smarter than them because I believe in some Kooky conspiracy theories. I think it is shameful that we are criticized for speaking out, yet are encouraged to have our voices heard in this one little gesture given to us as our democracy bonus. Being an accessory to something as degrading as lying to an entire country, and empowering them with a false sense of importance under the guise of Democracy does not sit well with me, and I can’t in good conscience be a part of it.

Am I saying you shouldn’t vote? No. You should do what your heart tells you to do. That’s what I’m doing.

Am I Anti-American? No. I don’t believe so. Do I have a better plan? No I don’t believe so. Am I going to fall into line with the rest of us who believe what we are being told? No, I don’t believe so.

Either way, I hope I’m wrong. I hope that Barack Obama is going to defy History’s lessons, and make good on changing this country for the better. We need it. And if I am wrong, I will gladly admit it because I am not entirely hopeless yet.

Maybe just jaded.


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