Get Well Fadda Ellis

Man…I fell for another internet rumor. I was so shook by it that my original post was a rest in peace.

Get Well Soon Fadda Ellis!

This is but a sliver of wood from the beams that built the house of Reggae music. Some of my favorite Alton Ellis Classics.

Alton Ellis-Rock Steady
One of the initial tunes to set off the Rock Steady movement.
Alton Ellis-Cry Tough (Extended Version)
One of the roughest Rude Boy cuts known to mankind.

Alton Ellis-Ain’t That Loving You
Ain’t That Loving you was remade famous by another fallen soldier, Dennis Emmanuel Brown.
Alton Ellis-Mad Mad
Mad Mad is the original version of what has come to be known as the “Diseases” riddim, recoined by the tune by Michigan & Smiley of that name.

Alton Ellis-I’m Still In Love
Another Monster Classic that has been covered and remade numerous times. You should already know bout this one…
Alton Ellis-I’m Just A Guy
I’m Just A Guy Riddim eventually became known as the “Vanity” riddim, and is another heavily recut riddim.


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