DISTRESS: New World Order Day

No parties, or gifts, or cheap decor today. Just the memories of misery, pain, and fear. It’s been years since Terrorists attacked New York City, and justice has not been served.

It’s frowned upon that I would call them Terrorists, since they state they stand for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. We as Americans, are not allowed to question the motivation behind our glorious Empire, or else we support the enemy.

It is ironic that we are quick to go to war against “Terrorists”, and “Insurgents” yet that’s the exact role we are playing in the world.

So for New World Order Day, our festive rituals will not include searching for eggs, carving a turkey, or unwrapping gifts. Today we will take part in lying, cheating, and unprevoked violence in the name of the Empire.


Trust me you fuckers, we will NEVER forget. Call it a grudge…
Immortal Technique Ft. Mos Def-Bin Laden


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