Summertime Summertime

It looks like my summer is going to be alot busier than I thought. For my folks that know me, and check for me through this little humble webpage, I got some serious works coming up.

July 10th-14th
San Francisco-Sacramento-Berkeley

Thursday July 10th
I always like playin at Club 6IX, especially when my folks from Jah Warrior Hi Fi are in the house. This event is their weekly dancehall jumpoff, and the spot is always a good time. Basement vibes, and a wicked soundsystem.

Friday July 11th
My boy Esef in Sacramento does a surprise banger a block from the Capitol Building at Capitol Garage. The spot is not the biggest, but the vibes are huge, and the people are ready to wine it up. If you are anywhere near the area of DTown Sac, come shoot through…

Sunday July 13th

This is my favorite party in the Bay Area. Smoke-One has held down this party at the Shattuck Downlow, and has let me play there periodically for the past 4-5 years. It’s usually what I look forward to when I go up there, whether I’m playin or not. Smoke always has big artists performing, and the place gets pretty mashing.

Wednesday July 16th

I’m off to visit all my Chamoro Chelus in Guam. I’m flying out to celebrate Liberation with the people, spin some music, and take part in a pre-promotion for the Jabawockees tour touching down on the Island the next week. I’m hoping to dig right into some parrotfish, and some red rice and finadene as soon as I touch down. I real hyped on making my way there again, cuz the place is serious paradise…
Fokai Familia, we’ll be touching down on Fujita Road soon enough.

Thursday July 24th

I’m touching down in Oahu for a few days before I ship back to the states, and linking up with my boy H.O.P. for some certain hijinx. Last time we went, I slept outside twice, almost killed myself body womping atSandy Beach, jammed out on the north shore, and pretty much did whatever we could squeeze into 3 days.

Last time I was out, I was blessed to be able to take part in a party, “Redda Fire” hosted by Jahson The 45 Revolver at the Living Room in Fisherman’s Wharf. Last time I played, I was pleseantly surprised by the Dancehall scene these guys were building, and was up till 4am on Bobo Roots and Patties. Really looking forward to this jump off.

I’ll be touching back down in Daygo for a couple of days, but only to get my ducks in line for the next month. I’m jumping on a tour bus July 30th, and heading cross country on a full blown amphitheater tour (click for dates and locations) with Slightly Stoopid. I won’t return till September, but I should be giving updates on our progress as we move.

I’ll be joining acts, alonside Stoopid, like Pepper, and the original rhythm twins Sly & Robbie. Looking forward to taking in all that the different cities have to offer, and if I’m coming to your town, drop me line beforehand.

Stay tuned, and I’ll give a nice load of tunes before I bounce. For now, here’s Original Jimmy Cliff.

Jump It…

Hugh Knight


One thought on “Summertime Summertime

  1. Hey man. I just thought I’d give you a heads-up. The guy who took the aerial photo of Guahan you have up in the post is pretty cool, but he’ll freak if he sees it on your page without credit and without getting paid. You should take it down, or send him an email to ask him about it. I think the email is

    Keep on livin’ the dream man!

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