A Millie Riddim

A Millie Riddim Pack<——-Link Up—

Lots of buzz about “The Carter III”. Apparently Lil Wayne dissed all the mix tape DJs, and in return the DJs did their best to flood the net with a leaked version before it came out. It looks like their attempt to ruin Weezy’s release failed, cuz on the first day he sold over 400,000 CDs. Weezy sounds as if most of his album is off the dome. Which makes me more of a fan. While I am foreign to Southern Slang, he nails it with this album. If you asked me who was King of the South, I would snatch that crown from T.I., and toss it to Weezy.

A Milli (Produced by Bangladesh) was instantly the big classic from this album. Murderous bass, and a stripped down rhythm that leaves lots of space for the MC. It took me having the album one day before I started finding all sorts of versions. I have compiled the best 4 that I’ve found (So Far) and zipped them up to form what I call “A Millie Riddim”. This contains “Freestyles” from Jadakiss, New Comer Tyga, and a wicked version by Jay-Z called “A Billie”. And of course the original.

I would say to the hip-hop community, MORE VERSIONS. I’m speaking of course in the Jamaican sense of the term. Having multiple artists on one beat is the shit (See Dancehall).

One more Weezy Bonus I just picked up, and we’ll call it a weekend. This is a good one for the dancers.
Lil’ Wayne-I

If anyone got some more versions to share, leave a link in the comments.
JUMP IT!…Baby Huey


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