Gangster Boogie

Let’s Boogie…

This is from the days when Gangsters did more a than a little two step. The 1970’s when Hard Drugs were taking over the streets, and big guns were readily available. Lincoln Continentals and Fur Coats. The early 70’s, when the Crips were an organization who’s goals were alligned with the Black Panthers. When Hollywood was glorifying the images of Black Pimps, and Hood Rich Criminals with style and finesse.

While these tunes aren’t making reference to Gangsters, any Gangster will tell you these joints are on some Gangster Shit. Straight from my playlist, with the same title, these are some of my favorite Old School Jams that are guaranteed to leave gashes in your Carpet. Being born and raised on the West Coast, Old School funk goes hand in hand with Palm Trees, Lowriders, and Gunshots. San Diego Stand Up.

I can’t think of a more important tune for the West Coast than this tune. The handclaps and bouncy, electro wah bass might as well be playing out of everyone car while cruisin’. Roger Troutman (RIP) not only revolutionized a whole genre of Hip-Hop in the late 80’s and early 90’s, his trademark Vocoder sound has returned in full force to mainstream music from Hip-Hop, to R&B, and believe it or not Reggae Dancehall. T-Pain should donate a percent to the Roger memorial fund. If you put this tune on, any real Gangsters in the place will take the floor in a flash.

If Popping and Locking have a Soundtrack, this would be the opening theme. Al Hudson & One Way are another group that pushed the West Coast sound in the same fashion as Zapp. While Cutie Pie is the main banger, this one is harder to me. Of course the vocoder is in full effect, and the bouncing bass will get your Robot hand moving.

Electro Bass at its finest. The opening 4 bars is a harbinger of the the funk that follows. While Fatback is even credited as putting out the first rap record, this tune is the clincher. A hitter with the Gangsters, as well as the Ladies it’s as simple as blending in the intro and letting the tune blow. If you’re looking for the good stuff, look no further. I’m attaching a special bonus with this tune that is a certified Gangster Party Hit!!!

Last but not least, the GREATEST Gangster Boogie Joint of all time. From the men who made your funk juicy. This is guaranteed to rock ANY party you play at. Even if there are no Gangsters in the house. This is just a great fuckin tune! Ladies and Gentlemen I present: Knee Deep!

As a bonus, I feel inclined to lace you with a quick Jamaican Gangster Banger.

Mavado-Nuh Bleach Wit Cream (Daybreak Riddim)

Shouts To Sonny Phono for gettin me on track with my Blog game…




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