Hugh Tube Again

Just A Couple Likkle Tube’s for you to waste your time with.

I can’t front, the new Gnarls Barkely is ill. I had a stack of new CDs in the whip, including the new Portishead, The Biggie Hendrix Experience, and couple others for a little road trip. “The Odd Couple” is the CD that stayed in for the next week. I’m feelin it.
This is another crazy video, filmed on loaction in J.A.

Another Obama endorsement. This time from none other than Mad White Jamaican (J.A.) and Splurt (Denmark). Not sure if Obama wants this endorsement, but it’s pretty funny.

If this is your first experience with MWJ Here is some more

This is some crazy ass DJ shit, like you may have never seen. I never have…

If you are tired of the vids, peep out this site if you got a spliff or two and some time. Dub Selector Site at Pretty original.

More music to come, just hold tight…


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