Last War Riddim

Commonly known as the “Come Around Riddim” since the Bermudan artist Collie Buddz dropped the tune “Come Around”. You should be well familiar with this tune by now, since it’s an international crossover success has built the man wicked foundation to catapault his career.

Maybe I started too far forward.

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Lets start with this tune, by international Reggae favorite Beres Hammond. The tune is called “Last War” and is a collaboration with Zap Pow. I don’t know much else about the tune, besides it’s a good tune with a wicked riddim.

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Of course, the next tune is the one that broke this riddim wide open, and motivated other artists to make versions. Collie Buddz “Come Around”.

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So after the smashing success of Come Around, the next version I stumbled across is from Original Fu-Schnickens frontman Chip-Fu. This threw me for a loop, but Chip really kills this riddim. Maybe we will see a reggae album in the works?

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Wicked right?

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Another to break through the reggae scene this year, is an Italian transplant to Jamaica known as Alborosie. He has been scoring big hits with tunes such as “Herbalist” and “Kingston Town”. Here we have a Rasta tune over the original “Last War” riddim, instead of the harder hitting Collie Buddz rework. The tune is wicked!

link deleted

While there are a couple more newer versions, these are my personal favs. There are also a few remixes floating around out there of the Collie Buddz version featuring American rap artists. One features Tony Yayo and Young Buck, another featuring Busta Rhymes, and more. While it sounds like they would work, I tend to find their verses falling off the mark.

Jump It!


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