MAN! If this isn’t the most decent breakdown of the effect of sample laws, and the effect of sampling in general! See what happens when you free up the music? An entire musical genre spread like a wildfire through the world.

You are not going to catch me posting Drum N Bass stuff, since I am not a big fan of the genre, but this is a very cool video and breakdown. If you ever wanted to make drum n bass, and didn’t know where to start, here you go…

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The Winstons-Amen Brother (UBB Edit)

Those who are well versed in this song, will know this is not actually the original version of the tune. If you are familiar with the Ultimate Breaks and Beats collections, you already know that some of the breaks featured in these compilations have been re-edited to make them more functional for DJs. You will notice that the break seems to be slowed down. This break was actually originally played at 33rpm, when the record was a 45rpm.

A record like “Amen Brother” was one that DJ’s overlooked. It was not functional, since the break is real fast, real short, and on a 45. Although the break was remarkable, it just didn’t seem like it could be worked into a break set. See here in an excerpt taken from an interview between Troy L. Smith and OG NYC DJ Quick.

“What about those beats that you had to slow down or speed up to find something on it, is that possible?

Oh yeah the record is by The Winston’s “Amen Brother”. It was a little 45 rpm and it was way to fast. You would take it and tape it to an album and put it on 33 and now you had your break. The first time I heard it I said I can’t use this, it’s to fast. So I put it down for two years, until I heard D.J. Islam play it, but he played it on 33 and I said o.k. See I didn’t know what to do with it.”
For the Full interview featured on jayquan.comCLICK HERE. It’s a cool little interview for those intersted in digging for Breaks.

I just got my hands on this 45 a couple of months ago, but my needles are missing as of right now, so you’ll have to just be content with the UBB version for now.

Big Up to DJ Small Change’s Blackcrack, Julie Covello, and Papa Wheelie for puttin me onto this clip, and a great discussion in general!


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