Human Beat Box

My apologies for the recent Reggae overload. I get into modes where I’m stuck on Reggae all month. Here’s something to break it up.
The Human Beat Box is the Rawest form of Rap (along with bangin on the lunch tables). You dont need a mic, or a DJ, or a sound system. Just two motivated individuals (In some cases, just one) and some time, and the session is on.
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Fat Boys-Stick’Em

Thanks to the Fat Boys, I was turned onto Hip-Hop at an early age. in 1985 there was a TV commercial for Swatch Watches (Goin WAY back) that featured The Fat Boys. I had heard Hip-Hop before that, but didn’t have any faces to reference. Thus, my first Cassette purchase was the self-titled Debut from the crew originally known as The Disco 3.

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Doug E. Fresh & Ricky D.-La-Di-Da-Di

I used to hear one of my homies singing this song, and I always wanted to hear it. I finally scored a copy of it on a Dr. Dre Mixtape from 86 called “The Show”. When I first heard it, and realized it was a beat box tune, I was hooked!

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This is another I originally picked up on one of those Rodium Swap Meet Mixes from Dr. Dre. I never got my hands on the wax though, until the 90’s, and it eventually got warped. I just found another copy at our local swap meet last year, and it still gets play!

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Biz Markie-One,Two

Just straight classic!

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3 Minutes of Beat Box-T La Rock

If you are a Hip-Hop Dork enough to comb the net for Classic Hip-Hop Blogs, you are a Dork enough to already know this is GREG NICE on the beat box. I remember using these sounds to scratch on from the “Toasted Marshmellow Breaks” Scratch Record that came out in the mid-90’s. This is just a bonus…

NOTABLE MENTIONS: Of course Rahzel!!! Search for that Tim Westwood show featuring Black Thought, RZA, & Poetic freestyling over Rahzels rundown of beats from his mouth. Real Nice! ALSO this years release of Stephen Marley’s “Traffic Jam” with Jr. Gong and Buju feature a beat box over the bassline from “Answer” riddim.

Jump It!


3 thoughts on “Human Beat Box

  1. oh man. i love the rawness of pure beatboxing.

    i’ve been on a reggae overload these days too. saw sista nancy bless the stage at echoplex in silverlake. shit was off da hook!

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