The D.O.C. Portrait Of A Masterpiece

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“It’s the diggy diggy DOC y’all”

When NWA was out, I was copping anything Dr. Dre related. I searched for The World Class Wreckin Crew, Eazy E & Ron-De-Vouz, C.I.A. (Feat. Ice Cube), Above The Law, even Michel’le and Trinere. But nothing could even touch The D.O.C.’s “Noone Can Do It Better”. This is Dr. Dre at some of his finest. The video for “It’s Funky Enough” on Yo, MTV Raps, was the first thing I had seen or heard of The D.O.C.

After that, I heard the “The D.O.C. and The Doctor” with that wicked Funkadelic sample, and had to cop it. While he was down with the pioneering Gangster Rap camp N.W.A., his raps were more on the straight ahead rap tip over big production by Dr. Dre. You cannot go wrong with this album.

The D.O.C.-Whirlwind Pyramid

The D.O.C.-Portrait Of A Masterpiece

Hard to believe that Gangster Rap’s Chief Producer was so jumpy back then, compared to his later, bouncier stuff. Unfortunately The D.O.C.’s second album is his attempt to ressurect his rap career after a car accident left his throat injured, and his voiced destroyed. While The D.O.C. was originally from Dallas (See Fila Fresh Crew), his style and flavor helped to balance Hip-Hop’s most notorious Gangsters. To his credit, he is also responsible for writing alot of the lyrics found on the “Straight Outta Compton” album.

Cascades and Loc’s. Things done changed…


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