Remixed Nuts

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My motivation behind this latest installment, is an attempt to post some tunes that NOBODY got. (Somehow Skipper will have these!)

These are some remixes I put together recently, and they get a pretty good response from those in attendance. Try em out if you like em…


This tune is great without the extras. I just gave it a little head knod, trying to pump up a seriously depressing song, via “Save The World” break.

NUMBER ONE KRISPY (RMX)-Sean Paul/Kinfolk Kiashine

Alot of folks are hatin’ on Krispy, but the tune works wonders on the floor for some reason (Mike Czech: “Word To The Beastie Boys”). The vocals are a little older, but it’s tried & true.

HOT FUCK (RMX)-Mr. Vegas

How many damn Hot Fuck remixes can you stomach? I tried to use a instrumental that is not as popular (So far), but still hits. Enter Mic Perri’s “Body Talkin'”. Uptempo, and hittin. “Body Talkin'” is usually a lead in to the remix, and can stand alone against many of the uptempo, summer joints.

BADMAN PLACE (RMX)-Busy Signal Feat. Mavado

This is the companion version to the Hot Fuck Remix, upon the “Body Talkin'” Riddim. Badman Place is one of those Dancehall tunes that has an uptempo riddim, that finds itself out of context outside of Jamaica. I’m not trying to take anything away from the tunes, cuz the original is slammin in my humble opinion. Just giving it a little more bump for Yankee taste.

Just like my brethren Dash explained “I’m over remixes”. They can get to be too much, and alot of them don’t work. If you like these, fling em…


3 thoughts on “Remixed Nuts

  1. I should have asked if that conversation was being recorded. Now do I owe you an appearance fee or something??

    And you spelled it knod… that’s good stuff. Dash may be over em, but I say keep firing!!!

  2. word to the Beastie Boys X2 if you consider their hip-hop-izing the Save The World break on Paul’s Boutique… holllluh

  3. Word To The Beastie Boys X3, cuz they used to fling budweiser cans into the audience, bigged up Lee Perry multiple times, and used to cover the theme to the White Shadow! “Check Your Head” still gets my vote for best album to throw on to do the nasty too. That and “Black Sabbath” by Black Sabbath. Word To Bill Ward!

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