MC LYTE: Eyes On This

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I’ve heard that DJs that use Serato need a crutch, and we take shorts, and other types of Fuckry. I thought Serato would be easier than it is. Not the actual mixing, and DJ functions, but the general data gathering and housekeeping. I been backing up here and there the past week,and flipping through some tunes I tend to neglect in an attempt to gather new ideas. I also pulled in some CDs from my whip that I copped from the Swap Meet, and realized I hadn’t loaded up this MC Lyte CD I got for 50 cents. I been bangin this CD in the whip for the past couple of months, having bought the CD with the intention of adding it to my selection.

I finally popped this into my laptop, and began trying to purge tunes so that I could just take up space with the best of the best. It seems that I only opted to purge two, and those were even questionable deletes. Each beat I came across was bangin’.

This album is from the time when samples still rode without a hefty fee/fine/reem. Notable breaks from the J.B.’s and The Meters give this joint that sound that was unmistakably Boom Bap Hip-Hop. Stripped down beats, and rough rhymes take me back to a time when Hip-Hop blew my mind.

Production credits go to a pretty solid cast of characters: Marley Marl, Grand Puba, Parrish Smith, and of course Audio Two. The joints are filled with relentless battle rhymes, topped with a couple of stories from late 80’s New York City.

You should probably already be familiar with this album, if so go throw it on after you read this. If you are not familiar…

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