THE METERS: Funky Pioneers

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The Meters: Leo Nocentelli, George Porter Jr., Zigaboo Modeliste, Art Neville,

Of course, there is plenty of literature, write ups, opinions etc… concerning The Meters. Since I am not an authority in any way on New Orleans, or The Meters, I can only fan out on these dudes. I highly suggest tracking down a copy of Wax Poetics # 13 for a good read up on The Meters. They have supplied my life with a soundtrack for walking, driving, rapping, getting lifted, romancing, and all around getting funky.

2 Video Notables: 1) I want some of what Dr. John was having, 2) Zig’s drum transition, and wicked perm.

When I was 18, I played guitar in a funky instrumental band around my neighborhood, and we attempted to cover two of their tunes, just out of love. While we did them no justice whatsoever, our whole band loved these cats.

One night Leo and Ziggaboo played at a local bar, and it crushed me that I couldn’t get in. We opted instead, to hang out in the alley in back of the bar, where we could hear them perfectly, and drank forties. Even though it was not the whole original line-up, they were murdering shit!

The Meters Homepage
Wax Poetics Homepage

While their best stuff is mostly instrumental (In my opinion), I’ve included a nasty tune called “He Bit Me” about the knight and the dragon. Enjoy.

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